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Cary Umhau, Founder & Creative Director


Cary Umhau believes deeply that God is bigger than we often imagine and that everybody one meets (including one's own self) is an image-of-God, never-to-be-repeated miracle. And that we therefore ought to slow down and take it all in.

She consults, writes, speaks and teaches on that concept. She’s the author of Burning Down the Fireproof Hotel (a spiritual memoir and manifesto for living what she calls a spacious life).


Cary creates curriculum for others and for her own courses which she facilitates in churches, businesses, homeless shelters and online, including Destination Deep Dive, a 12-week study for women who want to believe that there is more for them out there. 

She and close friend Joey Katona founded SPACIOUS in 2011 as a neighbor-loving, life-celebrating organization and consultancy. SPACIOUS shares open-hearted, expansive things that people are doing and creatively connects communities, often across unnecessary borders and divides. 


Cary is also co-founder of a DC-based hunger nonprofit, Breadcoin, that uses a community-funded food token to resource non-profits and insure that anyone can eat with choice and dignity at local restaurants while being enveloped more fully into the community.


A grandmother and frequent roadtripper, Cary has been married since 1982 to Andrew, and they live in the Washington, DC area. 


She can be found on Instagram, on Facebook, or just send an email so we can explore creating something great together to fit your goals and unique way of loving neighbors.

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